Get clarity on what matters in life and you're deeper Why.

You Unleashed is for anyone who wants to.....

Give life everything you’re capable of and uncover what the best version of yourself looks like.

Get clarity on what truly matters in life and build your life around those things.

Overcome your limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back.

Uncover your deeper Why, your values and your life philosophy.

Develop the mindsets, behaviors and habits of the extraordinary game changers.

Know you’re capable of more but need help tapping into your potential and bringing it out.

Course Overview

You are so much more than who you see in the mirror. You have so much more potential than you've been able to access. You have a dream, a vision for what your life could be like, if only you could unleash the potential that’s been waiting inside of you.

Well, I'm here to tell you something: that potential is ready to be unleashed.

I'm going to prove it, by helping you become the person you know you're capable of becoming. I'm going to help you break free of your old habits and excuses, eliminate your limiting beliefs, and start taking action in ways that will actually get results—not just in one area of your life, but across all of them.

You Unleashed is an online course with a proven curriculum that has helped people just like you take action towards creating the life they’ve dreamed of. And now it's your turn.

You Unleashed is not a quick fix, it’s not a magic pill, it doesn’t involve empty promises or lofty goals. Instead, it’s a road map to your true potential. And when you apply this information to your life… it will change everything.

So are you ready to eliminate those fears and become that fully unleashed version of yourself? 

Meet Your Instructor Sean DeLaney

His achievements include being awarded 2x NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse All American honors; leading a multimillion-dollar sales division for Nike while playing professional lacrosse, co-founding a nationally-distributed, health-focused CPG brand, NuSkool Snacks; and investing in and advising successful startups such as Super Coffee (Ketu Life), Spero, and Go Fuzemee. Along the way, his journey allowed him to cross paths and build relationships with professional athletes, billionaires, New York Times bestselling authors, legendary investors, successful entrepreneurs, and countless influential personalities. Sean shares those relationships weekly via his popular “What Got You There” podcast.

What Leaders Are Saying About Sean DeLaney

“Sean DeLaney has the keen ability to get into each interviewees’ mind and paint a picture of what has propelled their success through thoughtful and engaging discussion. Sean is great for anyone looking for business and life guidance.”

- Rich Frank

Former President of Disney Studios, Founder of Frank Family Vineyards, President of Paramount Television Group, Co Founder of the USA Network.

“Sean DeLaney is a force for good for all of those fortunate enough to be in his orbit. He is a game changer for people looking to learn, grow and become the best versions of themselves. Sean is the real deal, pure of heart and intent on making a difference and I am humbled to have been a guest and call him a friend.”

- Scott O’Neil

Former CEO of Philadelphia 76ers & New Jersey Devils, Best Selling Author & Speaker

“Sean created a space for not only an incredible conversation around leadership in this time of uncertainty, but also pushed me to share my more personal journey of learning how to lead with all of my body parts, including my heart. Sean listened intently and asked engaging questions. I highly recommend his podcast to all of us who are on the lifelong learning journey.”

– Hubert Joly

Senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, former chairman and CEO of Best Buy, and author The Heart of Business - Leadership Principles for the next Era of Capitalism

"The thought-provoking questions Sean asked cut to the core of who I am as a business leader and helped me relive some wonderful and challenging moments from my career. This is a great podcast for young entrepreneurs and people trying to differentiate themselves in the business world!“

- Liz Wiseman

CEO of the Wiseman Group, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Sean DeLaney’s Podcast provides more insight into my life lessons and my entrepreneurial journey culminating than any other interview I have done. Sean asked probing questions that no one else has ever asked me. Hopefully it helps others with their journey.”

-Jason Karp

Founder/CEO HumanCo Brands, Co-founder Hu Kitchen, Former Hedge Fund Manager

“Sean has such a unique approach to getting to the heart of what makes business leaders who they are today. He perfectly framed up my professional journey, starting all the way back to my decision to take up tennis at a young age – something that has had a great impact on how I approach my work, team building and the practice necessary to be successful at both. I had never really reflected on that decision wholly and it’s made for a lot of pivotal thinking today. So, to that I owe Sean a great deal of thanks.”

- Brett Thomas

Co-founder and Managing Partner of CAVU Venture Partners